About Me

The professional...


As a seasoned software engineer, author, speaker, manager, executive, and solutions architect, I am at home leading development projects from inception through delivery, creating and communicating vision and architecture to both executives and development staff, and establishing architecture patterns and practices for a variety of development platforms.

I enjoy working closely with my company’s sales staff in gaining new health care clients, solving problems with CIOs and other health IT executives, leading our company’s engineering efforts, and participating in various travel and speaking engagements.

Back in college, I double majored in Physics and Mathematics, minoring in Computer Science, and have since spent the last nearly 20 years working in development and production capacities on Microsoft and Linux platforms. I find that I do particularly well solving those difficult non-traditional problems that no one else wants to touch - e.g. dev/test/prod environment automation, networks and systems integration, cloud migrations, application security, and continuous integration and delivery.

All told, I have worked in DBA, project lead, executive, team lead, manager, architect, tester, and developer roles in a variety of industries, including: telecommunications, manufacturing, banking, video intelligence/security, pharmaceutical, and health sciences. I am currently happily employed at Diagnotes in Indianapolis, IN, as Chief Technology Officer.


The personal...

Backpacking in the Cascades... I love being outside!


With my family at the Grand Tetons...


... and waiting for some buffalo to cross the road in Yellowstone on our latest RV trip.


That's me at Toth Ministries in the mountains of Colorado.


A couple organizations I'm involved with: Outreach Inc., equipping and empowering homeless teens and young adults in Indianapolis to achieve stability and life transformation; and IDES, providing hope and relief to disaster victims around the world.



And did I mention I play drums? That's me in rehearsal at our church.



Next to spending time outdoors with my family, I enjoy lying around with my incredibly lazy dog.


My youngest brother and his wife on a mission trip in Zambia, Africa, hugging one of the kids we sponsor through Horizon International.



Services Architecture and Development

SOAP, REST, WCF, Web API, NodeJS, WS-*, security, versioning, performance, deployment, cloud infrastructure, cloud migrations

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Complete automation of the build, package, and deployment pipeline, enabling customers to more frequently see new bug fixes and enhancements and provide valuable feedback, dealing with architectural complexities that stem from rapidly delivering small decoupled components

Team Lead

Rallying the team around a product vision, roadmap and backlog, establishing architectural and development patterns and practices, removing technical and organizational obstacles, interviewing and hiring, training and mentoring

Application and Architecture Assessments

In-depth reviews of architecture, code quality, development process and tools, security, performance, maintainability, supportability, deployment, configuration management


Software and Application Security

Authentication and authorization, secure session management, crypto, injection prevention, XSS/CSRF/CORS, identity trust and delegation, threat modeling, security code reviews, secure design and architecture

My Work

Some of the things I've written and built...

ASP.NET MVC 4 and the Web API: Building a REST Service from Start to Finish

January 2013

If you’re new to the REST architecture and/or new to ASP.NET Web API, this book will help you learn both in a short amount of time. I take you quickly through the basics of HTTP REST, some of the more prominent features in Web API, setting up a simple Web API solution in Visual Studio, and securing the service – all within just a little over 100 pages.

Pro Drupal as an Enterprise Development Platform

November 2013

Are you a developer or IT manager that has ever thought there has to be a better/faster/cheaper way? Rather than continuing to write the same code and components over and over, this book can help you start with a solid, “mostly-there” platform, allowing you to focus on filling the business-specific gaps that actually change from project to project.

ASP.NET Web API 2: Building a REST Service from Start to Finish

July 2014

Following on the heels of my first MVC/WebAPI book, Brian Wortman and I set out to address some of the concerns and feedback I received with regards to a lack of focus on the underlying Web API framework. This new edition focuses more on the Web API, includes more content related to testing, and a working Single Page Application web site that uses the REST service built throughout the book. We think you’ll find this book filled with lots more information, with a big increase in focus.

REST Services with ASP.NET Web API – SVNUG Presentation

May 2013

Video of me presenting “REST Services with ASP.NET Web API” to the Sangamon Valley .NET User Group (SVNUG), downtown Springfield, Illinois.

Online JSON Web Token Builder

A simple online JSON Web Token (JWT) builder, where you can specify your claims and signing algorithm, and it creates a working JWT.

Various Nuget Packages

Some .NET Framework open source packages I've published to Nuget.org, mostly dealing with web site and API security.


Recent blog posts... (and more)

Scan Files with Clamav in AWS ECS

So you’ve built a web site that accepts files uploads, and now you need to make sure those files aren’t infected with any viruses or malware. But you don’t want to run full-blown antivirus software within every instance your application.

My Docker Light Bulb Moment

As a consultant regularly dealing with builds and deployments, it’s pretty common these days to get into discussions about Docker. The problem-solving potential of this tool is pretty amazing - once you understand what it does (and doesn’t do).

10 Easy Tips For Lean and Clean Agile Development

Software development is hard. And while agile methods can certainly deliver faster and cheaper and with higher quality, they can also more quickly spin out of control and create lots of wasted time and energy and increased frustration.

5 Keys To Web App Token Authentication

There are many scenarios where using token-based authentication is desired, but leveraging OAuth-based authentication against Facebook or Twitter in your web application or RESTful API isn’t possible.

Real Software Engineers Do It With Patterns

Patterns. They make the world go round. They are the building blocks on which we base so much of what we create in society.

My Intro to Application Security

The information below serves as a list of education-related activities for me to follow as I slowly make my way into the deep dark world of Application Security (appsec).

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